'The past, present and future of the genre will be in its pages, and we will be the richer for it.'                - Dr Caroline Magennis, The Irish Times

The Glass Shore, compiled by award-winning editor, broadcaster and critic Sinéad Gleeson, provides an intimate and illuminating insight into a previously underappreciated literary canon.

Twenty-five female luminaries — whose lives and works cover three centuries — capture experiences that are both vivid and varied, despite their shared geographical heritage. Unavoidably affected by a difficult political past, this challenging landscape is navigated by characters who are searingly honest, humorous and, at times, heartbreakingly poignant. The result is a collection that is enthralling, stirring and quietly disconcerting.

Individually, these intriguing stories make an indelible impact and are cause for reflection and contemplation. Together, they transgress their social, political and gender constraints, instead collectively presenting a distinctive, resolute and impassioned voice worthy of recognition and admiration.

Praise for The Glass shore

'One of the most multilayered and thought-provoking collections of stories I’ve read in a long while.' - The Irish Times

'A delightfully varied, utterly necessary new book. With its fantastical twist, O'Donnell's story serves as the perfect note on which to conclude the anthology.' - The Irish Independent

'Roisín O'Donnell contributes a funny and lyrical tale... the tradition of women's short-story writing in the North of Ireland is in safe hands.' - The Sunday Times

'“The Seventh Man” by Róisín O’Donnell ends the collection. This sinister modern myth mirrors the first short story in the collection, “The Mystery of Ora”, in its portrayal of love, mystery and the supernatural. It is a powerful imagining of the Hag of Beara, who is rejuvenated by passion and weakened by love. The grand themes present in this story are balanced with fantastic humour – the image of the Hag of Beara swiping left and right on Tinder will stay with me for a long time.' - Tn2 Magazine

Best Irish-Published Book of the year 2016