'O'Donnell shapes a bittersweet sad comedy that is an absolute masterpiece.' - San Diego Book Review

'How to Learn Irish in Seventeen Steps' features in Young Irelanders, edited by Dave Lordan.  

Young Irelanders is an exciting anthology of short stories that will open your eyes and soul to a new and continually evolving Irish literary scene, featuring a selection of Ireland’s most gifted and daring contemporary short-fiction writers.

Young Irelanders reinvigorates the traditional Irish short story with a palpable sense of adventure. From Kevin Curran’s heart-wrenching portrayal of bullying and suicide, to Roisín O’Donnell’s beautifully poignant narrative of a Brazilian girl’s journey to Ireland for love, to Rob Doyle’s searing tale of infidelity, the characters in these tales are searching for love, for courage, for release, and for glory.

Surging with energy and vigour... the stories are in turn profound, shocking, lyrical and dark, while remaining endlessly and exuberantly inventive.


 Praise for 'how to learn irish in seventeen steps'

"How do you say ‘foreigner” in Irish?” asks Luana Paula de Silva O’Connor, the Brazilian protagonist of Roisín O’Donnell’s contribution, ‘How to Learn Irish in Seventeen Steps’. Luana’s protracted struggle with this notoriously difficult language delicately intuits a metaphor, which resonates throughout the collection, for the complexities of a nation increasingly not at home with itself.            - Times Literary Supplement


'O’Donnell’s assured writing mixes shifts in pace and tense seamlessly.’ – Minor Literatures